September 16, 2018

Eyewear Review - Review of Angie View by Polette  


The stunning style of a true fashionista is never complete without the right kind of accessories. The trendy outfit and footwear are always complemented by the latest design of eyewear along with other essential accessories. The trend spotters are always looking for the sensational and stunning new range of glasses to match with their fashion sense. Although the...

The eyewear is essential part of your personality as it can either enhance your personality charms or do the opposite. The high-quality eyewear can save your eyes from so many health and skin issues; Therefore, you must always choose to wear the glasses which are not just trendy and gorgeous but is also good for your skin and eyesight. I have been looking for the above quality in the eyewear which is budget friendly for me too...

This is definitely my take on Breakfast at Tanisha's glasses. When you are in that certain place in your life and you don't care how the world views you in their eyes and you are able to zone out and share your thoughts without a worry in the world. That is the experience you have at Breakfast at Tanisha's.  But being able to share that true essence of what set the platform in eye wear fashion back in the 50's and 60's, give y...

I am happy to be back on here and provide you with a product review that is currently resting on my beautiful face. Yes! Those frames in the pictures above is from Firmoo and I love them! The style number for these frames is KT020A. You can learn more about these frames by clicking on the second picture above!!

Moving along.....I cannot help but share with you about these cool frames but also wanting you to take advantage of th...

September 11, 2017

I have decided to feature a brand that not only have a unique style but most importantly history and purpose to their brand. In 1956, Wilhelm Anger decided to his sport goggles company after the longest, fastest, most dangerous race in the world -Carrera Panamericana. 

In 1964, Anger developed and patented the ‘Optyl’ material, which was a heat-hardened plastic weighing 20% less than acetate resulting in a reduction o...

The Boheme Crème is one of those eyeglass frames which are known for its unparalleled design and impeccable product quality. Ideal to be worn by women, this frame gives you the perfect professional look that you would need to show up at your workplace or school or college. Thanks to the gravity that is thrown by the frame design, it can be worn at offices, schools and other formal places where decent looking is not only a requ...

Reminiscing Way Back When......

I remember when I was in the 5th grade, my first pair of frames was purple. I love those frames so much that I wore them forever. I can't quite remember the final days of those cool purple frames I wore back then but something about wearing those frames made me feel like a different person.

I thought I was cool and stood out from the crowd because I knew that nobody had a pair of funky, bold colo...

If in addition to style and fashion, you want durability from your eyeglass frames, the best option is to go for metallic frames. Not only these frames will offer great durability, but their endurance capability is also worth mentioning. That is why Hopkins Black is one of those frames which are liked by its users above the other plastic frames.

Get that vintage look

Wearing round metal frames certainly would remind you of the v...

Why should you purchase the Atomic glasses?

If you want to have something which is style oriented, then you should have a look at the Atomic glasses. The round frame along with diamond shaped temple studs looks good. The best part is that anybody can wear these frames including men and women. It fits well for both men and women, so there is no need for a separate frame.

What is special about the glasses?

You shall love the glasse...

How the Stanford does enhance the overall look?

There are many glasses, but the Stanford is special because of its classic look. It can enhance your style with the round shaped frame. The semi-transparent tortoiseshell hue is muted when it comes to the clean line. It is ideal for both the men and women. It can boost your confidence with any casual dress. It feels like the Ivy Leaguers with these normal Tortoise eyeglasses.

How d...

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Bonita Applebum Meets Angie View

September 16, 2018

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