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Breakfast at Tanisha's Style Icon Glasses x Firmoo

This is definitely my take on Breakfast at Tanisha's glasses. When you are in that certain place in your life and you don't care how the world views you in their eyes and you are able to zone out and share your thoughts without a worry in the world. That is the experience you have at Breakfast at Tanisha's. But being able to share that true essence of what set the platform in eye wear fashion back in the 50's and 60's, give you an edge and appeal to people that will view you as different and unique.

Let me explain a little further:

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This type of full frame acetate glasses is only for the females. The design which gives you that cat eye look plus the bright colors such as blue, rose and black are best fitted for a woman. These glasses give women style and good fit all combined in an eye wear that is functional and effective.


The glasses are available in a variety of colors such as rose and patterns. The women’s full frame acetate glasses weigh about twenty four grams and are best suited for female adults with a pupillary distance ranging from 58 to 76 millimetres. The material used in making the glasses is acetate which is high quality and durable. The glasses are also



The glasses come with a warranty valid for three months after the purchase. The warranty covers all possible defects that might be present in the workmanship and the materials. If the glasses you purchased do not fit perfectly or are not what you ordered they can be adjusted or you can claim a refund as long as it is not more than thirty days since the purchase.

These glasses will also be shipped to your door within a period of three to five days for express and about two to three weeks for standard shipping if you reside in the US. The duration varies in other nations. Our employees are also available for consultations, enquiries and demonstrations during working hours.


The material, color and design used in making the women’s full frame acetate glasses might make one think that they have to part with a small fortune in order to get them which is not the case. The price of owning this type of glass is quite economical, practical and affordable. A pair costs less than thirty dollars but the price may increase slightly with a couple of dollars if the customer wants a progressive lens.

Dimensions & Specs

Underneath the frames of the glasses are some numbers which are inscribed. These numbers underneath the frames show the size measurements of the glasses recorded in millimetres. The width of the lenses is represented by the first number while the gap between the lenses is represented by the second number. The temple arm length inclusive of the part that goes in the rear of the ear is represented by the third number. 53x14x137 is an example of a size measurement of the women’s full frame acetate glasses for an adult in this category.

When purchasing any product it is important to have the basic knowledge on what to expect and what to look out for in order to get the right product. This unspoken rule also applies when one is buying eyewear in a store or at a doctor’s office. The glasses you want to purchase should fit your preferences and most especially need for eyewear. Glasses are not cheap which means you will part with several dollars; it is therefore crucial to ensure that the glasses you buy are worth the money you are spending.

I hope this post gave you some insight about these lovely frames at Please let me know what you think by dropping me a line! Love to hear your feedback!

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