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Boheme Creme x Polette

The Boheme Crème is one of those eyeglass frames which are known for its unparalleled design and impeccable product quality. Ideal to be worn by women, this frame gives you the perfect professional look that you would need to show up at your workplace or school or college. Thanks to the gravity that is thrown by the frame design, it can be worn at offices, schools and other formal places where decent looking is not only a requirement, but a mandate. In addition to being professional, this frame design also enhances the fashion quotient of the wearer.


The relatively large size of the frame along with glass saves the eyes from the harmful UV rays. Another benefit of wearing this frame is that it draws the attention of the onlookers towards the eyeglasses; hence any facial imperfection like facial blemishes may get overlooked. Also, this frame is designed to reduce the arch of the nose.

Specifications of the Frame

The overall frame width of the Boheme Crème is 137 mm and the temple length is 143 mm. The lens width is 53 mm and the lens height for this lens is 37 mm. The bridge width is 8 mm, which means that the frame is ideal for round or oval shaped faces. While it can be worn with square face types as well, however, the best fit of this lens is with round or oval shaped faces only.

The curved upper rim which is black in color defines the frame well and provides a sophisticated look to the overall piece. The elegant combination of cream and black gives the frame an aristocratic appeal which certainly makes it ideal for use in different formal and business gatherings. Being made out of acetate makes this frame not only very lightweight but also makes it highly durable which causes the frame to last longer. As compared to the other frames that are made of plastic, this acetate frame is more flexible, lightweight and at the same time can withstand the test of time.


The Boheme Crème frame comes with a lot of pros, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Hand polished frame

  • Lightweight

  • Highly durable

  • Strong and flexible

  • Elegant color combination


The stylish frame does not have a whole lot of cons associated with it.

  • Not suitable with all face types

  • Bit pricey if compared with other frames of similar design

All in all, if you are looking for a contemporary design frame that will last for a longer time than your last plastic frame, you can certainly go for the Boheme Crème frame as this one promises to be with you in all sorts of situations and keep on adding to your glamour for years to come. Although it might be bit pricey option for those who are on looking for frame within budget, but looking at the promising durability of the frame, the minimally extra cost would prove to be a budget savior in the longer run.

See Life Your Way,

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