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Firmoo x KT020A a.k.a Vanilla Strawberry Frames!!

Click on the Picture for Firmoo

I am happy to be back on here and provide you with a product review that is currently resting on my beautiful face. Yes! Those frames in the pictures above is from Firmoo and I love them! The style number for these frames is KT020A. You can learn more about these frames by clicking on the second picture above!!

Moving along.....I cannot help but share with you about these cool frames but also wanting you to take advantage of the deals Firmoo have to offer on their site. Please be kind and share your thoughts below about my post and most importantly be sure to comment on my Instagram page at @msframeofmind.

This type of unisex full frame acetate glasses is currently only available with only two colors, brown and tortoise and cream and pink. Unfortunately all the glasses have been sold out due to the high demand. Update: The only color available right now is the brown tortoise color!

Features of these glasses

The unisex full frame acetate glasses weigh about twenty four grams and are best suited for adults with a pupillary distance ranging from 60 to 80 millimeters. The material used in making the glasses is acetate which is high quality and durable. The glasses are also bifocal.

The unisex full frame acetate glasses have a selection of lenses and frames that have been expertly put into place. For clients who want a demonstration on how to fit and take care of the lenses and frames, our employees are always ready and prepared to show you.

Aspects to consider when purchasing

Customers are usually in search of various things when they are looking for eye wear. There are those customers who are searching for a store with the best customer service while others are looking for a store with the highest quality products. Yet another group of customers will be searching for assortment and the pricing. In rare cases you find customers who are looking for a combination of assortment, cost, quality and service in one store.

Ensure that the glasses you settle for are worth your money and cater for your eyesight needs. This type of glasses covers all the above mentioned aspects. The cost is below thirty dollars which is very reasonable, the customer service is professional and the quality of the glasses is the best available in the market. As for assortment, our stores are always stocked with all varieties of good quality eye wear for the diverse eyesight issues.

Cost of the women’s full frame acetate glasses

The material, color and design used in making these eye glasses might make speculate that they have to part with a small fortune in order to get them which is inaccurate. The price of owning this type of glass is quite economical, practical and affordable. A pair costs less than thirty dollars but the price may increase slightly with a couple of dollars if the customer wants a progressive lens.

Why this type of glasses is the best

The glasses come with a warranty valid for three months after the purchase. The warranty covers all possible defects that might be present in the workmanship and the materials. If the glasses you purchased do not fit perfectly or are not what you ordered they can be adjusted or you can claim a refund as long as it is not more than thirty days since the purchase.

These glasses will also be shipped to your door within a period of three to five days for express and about two to three weeks for standard shipping if you reside in the US. The duration varies in other nations.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these frames but be sure to let FIrmoo know that I sent you to their page!!!

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