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Stanford x Drummer Girl

Double-breasted Jacket (HM)

Stanford Frames (Eyebuydirect)

Poet Blouse (Target)

Hey Stud Over-the-Knee Boot (Nasty Gal)

How the Stanford does enhance the overall look?

There are many glasses, but the Stanford is special because of its classic look. It can enhance your style with the round shaped frame. The semi-transparent tortoiseshell hue is muted when it comes to the clean line. It is ideal for both the men and women. It can boost your confidence with any casual dress. It feels like the Ivy Leaguers with these normal Tortoise eyeglasses.

How do the bold lines enhance your looks?

The classic shape of the rounded lens of the tortoise is the added advantage of the frame. It will give you an intelligent look over your dress code. There are many tortoises, but the brown colour looks awesome. It will offer the best fit and finish all around. It also comes with different size and fit. It provides excellent vision with the supplied lens. Apart from the vision, it makes you look cute with these glasses.

What are the features of these glasses?

If you want to have a funky look, then you should consider the Stanford glasses. You can combine the brown coloured glass along with many dress codes that are the main feature of these glasses. The comfortable fit and lightweight design make it perfect when it comes to design and ergonomics. Nowadays you can leave the old black frame with the heavy glass lenses at home. You may opt for a newer design with fibre lens.

  • It is available in medium size.

  • The weight of the entire frame is around 20g.

  • The Acetate is used to build this frame.

What are the prices?

If you are worried about the price of these frames, then you can relax because there is a discount available for the purchase. It takes two weeks to deliver the glasses. The single vision lenses are included with the frame so you can read and do other tasks using these frames.

How does the Stanford Glasses enhance your fashion segment?

It can be a part of your fashion segment because of the high-class fitting and vision. If you don’t have a prescription, then you don’t have to worry about that because these glasses are available without any prescriptions. You may use these as fashion accessories. The weights of the glasses are around 20g without the lenses.

You have to be careful about the size of the glasses; a bigger glass may not fit well, and it will increase the distance between the objects and you. The length of the glasses is around 126mm whereas the height is 43mm for the medium size. The medium size is suitable for most of the people. There are small screws at the joining point of the frame that makes it rigid.

If you have any issues with the size, then you may go for a replacement if you want. You have to ensure the size and fit before you place an order. You can get the frames at a very low price that makes it an interesting deal. #eyebuydirect


Find the look:

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See life your way,

See life your way,

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