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If in addition to style and fashion, you want durability from your eyeglass frames, the best option is to go for metallic frames. Not only these frames will offer great durability, but their endurance capability is also worth mentioning. That is why Hopkins Black is one of those frames which are liked by its users above the other plastic frames.

Get that vintage look

Wearing round metal frames certainly would remind you of the vintage era, but wearing vintage is also in fashion these days. Especially, if the item is a Hopkins Black eyeglass frame, going vintage certainly pays off well. Apart from black, the Hopkins model frame is also available in tortoiseshell color which looks equally awesome when worn over a long or square face. The combination of golden bridge with the black rim of the frame makes it really look stylish and elegant. The soft material of the cover of the temple arm does not cause any mark on the sides of the eyes, which are a common trait observed with metal frames.

Specifications of the Frame

The overall frame width of the Hopkins Black is 138 mm and the temple length is 133 mm. The lens width is 50 mm and the lens height for this lens is 45 mm. The bridge width is 15mm, which ensures that the frame gives the ultimate wearing comfort to the wearer. The temple arm of the frame features hinged springs which makes the frames comfortable if worn on a wide face as well. The soft nose pads of the frame ensure that the frame does not slip down the nose, causing inconvenience to the user. While there is a chance of developing nose marks from the nose pads upon regular use, but if proper care of the nose is being taken, those annoying marks would never crop up.

Benefits of Metallic Hopkins Black

While metallic frames may not be as light as the acetate or plastic frames, but they are far more durable and can endure a lot of rough usage. The weight of modern day frames, especially the Hopkins Black frame is certainly not as heavy as the round metallic frames that were used in the early 19th century. The metal that gets used to make these frames is hypoallergenic in nature and is corrosion and abrasion proof. The soft covering on the temple arm of the frame makes it heatproof.The most important benefit of Hopkins Black frame is the vintage look that it offers to its wearer. The layout of the frame is absolutely flat which ensures that lens is evenly placed in front of the eyes and does not cause any inconvenience while used for reading or general wearing.

Pros & Cons

The Hopkins Black frame comes with a long list of pros, some of which are enlisted below.Vintage look, Highly durable and strong Unisex frame. Better comfort provided by wide bridge. Better and comfortable fit offered by soft nose pads. There are apparently no cons for this metal frame, which makes it an absolute first choice for people who love to try different things with their looks.

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