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Melrose Purple Frame x Bisou Bisou

Reminiscing Way Back When......

I remember when I was in the 5th grade, my first pair of frames was purple. I love those frames so much that I wore them forever. I can't quite remember the final days of those cool purple frames I wore back then but something about wearing those frames made me feel like a different person.

I thought I was cool and stood out from the crowd because I knew that nobody had a pair of funky, bold color frames like myself. I later learn that the color purple had significant meaning and once I learn about this color, I understood why I was drawn to that color and why people were so drawn to me.

In review of psychological terms, I learn that "personality color purple" inspire others with my creative thinking and my ability to deal positively with adversity. People whose personality color is purple notes that you are good judge of character and like to have the best of everything.

I guess you can say looking back, my purple frames played a huge part of my own individual style and now I can relive this moment through my Melrose Purple Frames.


Eyeglass frames play a major role in the overall facial appearance of an individual. It is certainly one of the most decisive fashion accessories which can make or break your overall appearance. If you are a highly fashion conscious individual, you would need an eyeglasses frame which will scream out telling the world about the fashionista that you have within yourself. For this purpose, the Melrose Purple frame is the right pick.

Reasons to choose Melrose Purple Frame

Firstly, it is thin, which makes the frame much lighter than any of the other fashionable frames that are available in the market. Secondly, the shape of the frame is very unique. The rectangular eyeglass frame requires oval lenses and has a subtle butterfly touch to its shape, which makes it very exclusive and elegant. The slight touch to the cat-eyeglasses design takes the fashion quotient of this frame to new height. The frame is ideal to be worn with long faces as that give the most perfect fit. A comfortable fit is guaranteed with the spring hinges at the temple arms. It can also be worn with over faces. People with round faces should not be trying this one, as the features of the frame will get covered due to the roundness of the shape of the face.

The medium wide angle frame is made of high grade plastic, which not only makes it very light, but also ensures that the durability of the frame is long enough. Being made of plastic, the Melrose Purple frame can endure a lot of rough use, without getting exposed to the threat of getting damaged or broken very easily. It is also available in black color. While the black frame is unisex, the purple one is more suited for women, primarily for the softness of the color. If you are a man who dares to be bold with the choice of accessories for his face, you can certainly try out the purple one as well.

Specifications of the Frame

The overall frame width of the Melrose Purple is 135 mm and the temple length is 138 mm. The lens width is 45 mm and the lens height for this lens is 38 mm. The bridge width is 14mm, ensures that the frame does not leave behind those embarrassing marks on the nose of the wearer. The lightweight would not have caused any marks already, but the extra wide bridge double ensures that the wearer does not face any type of discomfort while wearing the Melrose Purple frame.

Pros & Cons

The Melrose frame has many pros which have been listed down below.

  • Light weight

  • Unique design

  • Strong build quality

  • Unisex frame

  • Wide bridge area offers greater comfort and better fit

  • Hinged temple arms offers comfortable fit

  • Pocket friendly prices

Even if you dig deep, you would hardly find an apparent shortcoming with the Melrose purple frame. The only thing that might come to your mind as a shortcoming is that the frame is made of plastic and not acetate, which would have made the frame stronger.

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