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Sokul x Polette

The eyewear is essential part of your personality as it can either enhance your personality charms or do the opposite. The high-quality eyewear can save your eyes from so many health and skin issues; Therefore, you must always choose to wear the glasses which are not just trendy and gorgeous but is also good for your skin and eyesight. I have been looking for the above quality in the eyewear which is budget friendly for me too, and I found Sokol Marble-Polette Eye Wear. Let’s have a detail review about this eyewear.

About Polette:

Polette is a French Eye Wear brand which has introduced latest and trendy glasses in the market which are not just famous for the fine quality has a market competitive price. The eye wear frames are available in amazingly low price and in extremely stunning and highly fashionable designs. The great thing is that the eye wear frames are being produced in their own workshop and are directly distributed from there. They can be considered the largest web shop that is not selling any other brand but their own products in various designs and styles, from vintage to modern frames, and in lowest prices as compared to the market. The eye wear is unisex and they provide an opportunity to every customer to look highly fashionable and stylish at the affordable price. And what else! You can turn any eyewear into sunglasses or optical glasses, isn’t it great!

Polette Sokol Marble (Grey/ Acetate)

As I look at it, the outlook and design of the frame is futuristic and highly trendy. I found the frame to be highly refined as it is polished by hands, and the grey color and marble design makes it look outstanding. Being a fashionista, I always prefer the accessories which are not just of high quality but are runway approved too. The oversized butterfly eye wear is a huge trend in summer 2018 and they not only look stylish, classy but also give a celebrity star feel. I found the shape and color of Polette Sokol Marble to be most flattering one to my facial features and I assume that it can suit almost any face kind. Even if we wear it as sunglasses, it’s going to look like a statement piece. The quality and material of the glasses is up to the mark and price is amazingly lower than the quality features that it’s providing.

The web shop provides you an opportunity to select the glasses of your choice; with or without corrective lenses. You can fill in a prescription form to get the product customized according to your requirements. Some shipping charges are also included in the price and you can order the case too. Usually the shipping takes 15 working days, but you can get the product of fine quality at the market competitive price at the comfort of your home.

How was My Shopping Experience?

I’m a happy customer of Polette after getting my Sokol Marble eye wear because of the great quality, fine design and good customer care services. I have plans of buying more and more eyewear from Polette.

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