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Bonita Applebum Meets Angie View

Eyewear Review - Review of Angie View by Polette

The stunning style of a true fashionista is never complete without the right kind of accessories. The trendy outfit and footwear are always complemented by the latest design of eyewear along with other essential accessories. The trend spotters are always looking for the sensational and stunning new range of glasses to match with their fashion sense. Although the style and design of the eyewear product is not the only thing we must consider! The high quality, fine finishing, unique yet clear design and durability of the eyewear are very important feature that we should look for in our selected glasses. The low-quality eyewear products can cause skin damage, allergies and discomfort; therefore, I always prefer to buy high quality yet extremely trendy eye glasses. Most of the time all the best qualities of eyewear are found in extremely expensive brands’ products, but recently I found a brand which is not just producing the fine quality, luxury and trendy eyewear but are pocket friendly too. The brand is Polette and the product that I found is Angie View glasses.

Introduction of the Brand: Polette

The French Eyewear brand Polette is getting more and more famous day by day because of the products which are not just highly trendy and coolest in design and style but are budget friendly too. The designs available at the online Polette store are so awesome that you almost feel compelled to buy so many more than just one! The greatest quality of the eyewear products by Polette is that they are produced individually at the brands own workshop and provided at the demand of the customers. There are very few such online eyewear stores which provide their own manufactured products and don’t sell some other brands. There are hundreds of latest designs of eyewear at the online store’s website, which range from classical to contemporary designs and modern to timeless styles. You can effortlessly shop all that is ‘hot and happening’ from the online store and at market competitive price too. This means you can buy more than just one that you love at your pocket friendly price and flaunt a new style daily. The best thing is that you can demand any of your favorite products to be prepared as either sunglasses or optical wear.

Why I Found Polette Angie View (Black/ Acetate) So Amazing and Unique?

I always appreciate and acknowledge the eyewear products which are not just highly trendy, and runway approved but the ones which are produced with the best material and bear the highest quality. The Angie View Eyewear by Polette looked stunning to me because it has the hottest eyewear large round shaped design, which can be spotted at the top celebrities too. The hand polished and super-comfy material makes it a product that you will just love to own. The black and white print style is unique and can be worn as a truly statement piece of accessory. The oversized round shaped glasses are in fact highly trendy these days because they can flatter the facial features of the wearer. The Angie View eyewear by Polette is highly funky and they are the coolest choice for those who like to experiment them with various fashion outfits.

How to Style Angie View (Black/ Acetate) In Effortless Chic Way?

Styling Angie View Eyewear by Polette is surprisingly easier if you like to look bold yet gorgeous. The round shaped eyewear is the hottest runway approved trend and you can comfortably wear them with a super-hot street style outfit. There are several ways of styling this product with many outfit ideas such as wearing them with your favorite Denim and basic T shirt or show off a hottest style by wearing them with black and white short dress and Denim jacket like me. I loved to pair the stunning Vans Sneakers and vibrant scarf to complete the fashionista’s look.

*Click on picture to purchase | Currently sold out on Vans | Available on Eastbay

How Was My Shopping Experience?

I turned out to be a happy customer of Polette after getting my favorite Angie View Eyewear. The shipping usually takes around 15 days, but you get a product that you deserve to own. The high quality and budget friendly price make it a love of mine and I am planning to buy trendier eyewear products soon.

Leaving Summer behind on this note:

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