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Stroopwafel Review

In case you wish to look funky, there is a lot that you can do in order to achieve that look. But one thing that can be a sure head turner here would be your eyewear. Gone are the days when eyewear was a pair of black frames with glass lenses. Today these make a statement. Just look at this pair, Stroopwafel available at to understand this well! It does not matter whether you are a student, a working professional or a housewife. Now is a pair that can add to your style quotient. Students are looking for something new and different all the time that would make them stand apart in a crowd. The tortoise shell frame does exactly that. Besides, the shape of the frame is such that it looks great on men and women alike.

In case you are working in an office, you would not like to wear anything that is too jazzy or looks too cheap. Hence this style of eyewear fits in well here. It can give you that intellectual look while making you look elegant too. Besides, the coffee with white cream color means that you can wear it with any attire.

One thing that needs to be noted here is that it allows for full lenses. This means that you have a wider area for coverage. Ask any person wearing glasses about this issue. All of them will lament that glasses reduce their area of vision. Hence they would prefer full and big lenses. But somehow they are not very fashionable or elegant. In fact, many of these will make a person appear much older that his/her age! But this is not the case with these glasses. In fact, they add a fun element to your style and make you appear playful!

In addition to the design, these glasses pack in quality too. They are made of lined acetate that gives them strength as well as durability. Hence once you have bought a pair, you can forget about repair, maintenance or replacement. This also means that you can wear these to office, college, and wear these while you are on the field playing soccer or golf. In fact, these will be your companion everywhere. They are sturdy to be worn anywhere. Even though you should take care of your eyewear always, but this is a pair that can withstand the elements and a bit of rough usage too. Hence you do not have to shirk away from a number of activities just because your eyewear will not be able to survive that kind of wear and tear.

This is a classic design. It will never go out of fashion. Hence you do not have to bother about replacing it from time to time in order to keep up your style quotient. In fact, you can wear these in order to make a mark and look awesome. After all, your glasses do define who you are and how you carry yourself!

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