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The right to enjoy clean & safe drinking water

With the advancement of time, substantial improvement has come up in various aspects related to various walks that revolves around the daily life. However, Irony lies in the fact that in spite of these advancements, there are still issues with the availability of clean drinking water and access to adequate sanitation that is still taking a major toll on the life of millions.

The problem with the unavailability of clean drinking water and access to modern sanitation system has affected India and Nepal to a devastating extent. Though India has made its name in its name in the list of the strongest global economy and Nepal has been developing at a massive pace, some parts of these countries have been seriously affected by these problems. As per the latest report, around 77 million people in India and another flock of 2.5 million people in Nepal has been suffering from these issues.

Frank Water dedicates itself to the cause of offering a permanent and a root-cause solution to these troubles that aims towards bringing improvement in the quality of living, by giving people easy access to improved & private sanitation system and ensuring the availability of pristine water for drinking purpose.

About Frank Water

Frank Water is a Philanthropic organization, working across the globe on issues like unavailability of clean drinking water and modern sanitation system. The mission of this organization is to save lives that are lost due to consumption of the unsafe drinking water and to reduce the level of environmental pollution due to the practice of open defecation system. Since its inception 2005, this organization has already funded various projects for mass sanitation and safe drinking water for more than 330,00 people, from 300 communities across the globe.

The activity of this organization includes India and recently it came up with Philanthropic projects in Nepal as well. Fran Water not only funds community projects for drinking water an sanitation, but conducts education initiatives to educate the mass about adopting adequate health and hygiene practices. Hence, the activity of this organization covers a major area in the domain of public health, educating the mass about the benefits in adopting health and hygiene practices as well as techniques to combat the challenge of unavailability of clean and safe drinking water and on the other hand, eradicating the troubles and hardships of the life of the mass due to the lack of safe water and not having access to modern sanitation system.

About the endeavors of Frank Water and a few of its already executed projects

The efforts and endeavors of this organization are based on the inclusion theory and it aims to include the flocks from the underprivileged and economically backward communities to the facilities of drinking water and modern sanitation systems that are the basic facilities needed to live a healthy and happy life.

Research suggests that it is mainly the people from the financially weaker sections that suffer from the issues of drinking water and inferior sanitation system. This organization funds and construct community sanitation facilities as well as arrangement of clean water that will be safe for drinking purposes. The entire scopes of actions go on a Philanthropic basis and runs on donations from the mass and business entities.

The projects include activities like construction of gravity-fed water system, installation of pumps and bore wells, and DYI initiatives for filtration of water at homes. In addition, the organization conducts mass level workshops for health and hygiene practice. Most importantly, Frank Water helps the mass in claiming their rights for education, sanitation, and land.

The best part about the efforts and endeavors of this organization is that it aims to restore the ecological and environmental balance, in parallel to bringing betterment to the standard of life for the mass. For instance, the organization has executed projects for re-harvesting of the rain water that will ensure that availability of clean & safe water and at the same time, will play a major role in restoring the reserve of ground water. Thus, it will be right to say that the efforts and works of this organization target in bringing holistic and sustainable improvements in the life of the mass.

The outcome of the efforts and endeavors of this organization

It will be needless to say that the effort and endeavors of this organization have brought a substantial improvement in the life of the mass. Due to untiring efforts of the volunteers of this organization, now, millions of people are having access to the availability to clean and safe drinking water as well as have empowered them to enjoy the modern sanitation systems. The workshops conducted by this organization have enabled the mass to adopt adequate standard of hygiene that can bring considerable improvement in the quality of life.

Patronage for the initiatives by Frank Water

MAHI Leathers has joined hands with Frank Water to patron its initiatives. The management of this leading leather accessory product manufacturer has decided to donate $1.50 for each bag it sells. It implies, when you invest on MAHIBAGS, a part of the cost goes to the Frank Water as a financial support for its projects that aims towards bringing improvements to the life of the mass. Hence, you will not relish the exquisite and classy bags, but, at the same time, you can play some role in missions that will benefit the mass.

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Mahi Leather

Frank Water

Just within a span of 12 years, Frank Water has done a formidable task to benefit millions of people, giving them relief from the troubles that revolves around the basic amenities of life. The management and the field workers are dedicated to excel further in their services and targets larger count of heads within the coverage of its services. The organization is seeking the support of the like minded individuals to them life is about doing good to others. Frank Water has already done an appreciable task and as stated by the top officials of the company, they are eyeing on including more people within its list of beneficiaries.

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