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My Year in Review 2016 : Grow Through What You Go Through

Preparing for tomorrow is usually the obvious thing to do even for a lazy man as he would at least have plans of waking up the next morning. Although, it is important to prepare for the future, there is no better way to prepare for 2017 than to review the events of the 2016. Personally, ‘I believe that by taking a moment to reminisce, feel and understand the past, 70% of the future had been taken care of'. Therefore, I have decided to share with you my experience in the year 2016. My purpose of doing this isn't just for the sake of noting my personal achievement and regrets but also to share the lessons with the hope of helping and inspiring other individuals in the right part.

2016 happen to be one of the most interesting years of my life. The reason for this is that I experienced my highs and lows of life. Having had to virtually restart almost from the scratch all over, I consider the year 2016 a milestone in my life. Looking back, I had evolved from that person in pain, that person who didn't believe in herself, a person who allowed other people's opinion to take over her to a girl that decided to step up, grab the bull by the horns and grow to become in control.

Generally, I believe we see life in two different perceptives; the real life and the fantasy. Often, you wonder why some people are having things so easy. That's the fantasy. The real life isn't like that. In my case, I had to relocate to my home town on a mission to get back to self-get things back on track and get close to my family. That is the real life that people don't really see. You must make certain tough decisions to get things right and grow. For instance, not everybody can make bold decisions to recondition themselves. For me, I would say that I probably returned to the dungeon to fix everything all over again. Despite all this, I still believe I am not finished, I am a work in progress growing each day through my experiences and evolving to become better. Also, while doing all this a favorite quote comes to my mind. It is: “Grow through what You go Through.”

Learning from reviewing the past had made me realize that I achieved a lot this year, as I was able to accomplish finishing my second master’s degree within 7-9 months of getting my first master’s degree. Apart from this, I have been able to achieve a level of success with my current job, and pertaining to my health I had been able to lose 40 pounds of weight earlier this year which was a huge accomplishment. The most important factor for me is basically growing in all aspect. No aspect of one's human life should be neglected if a complete growth is to be recorded. I have learned a lot about myself and I am still learning every day. Also, I have gotten to understand that I am unique and very special not just for any reason but because I believe that's what God had made me. Although, there might be problems and difficulties along the way, all I must do is to keep going and carry myself in that way.

Talking about my relationships, my relationship with God has always been my number one focus. I know if I keep him centered into my life, God will take care of everything else. Throughout this year, there have been questions of when am going to find that special person who I will eventually get married too which is one of the few things that hasn't happened for me this season. Despite this, I strongly believe that in God's will things will fall in place. This shows that at times not everything will be as you have planned, the most important thing is to be patient and to keep working. Also, I met someone this year who I really appreciate for giving me a chance to be a part of his child life. I am being thankful because what I had with him was dear to me and had bought usefulness to my life. He is a boy with a positive energy and altitude. A great personality. This child made me see the way I was when I was his age. He helped awaken certain things about me that needed to be awaken. He is peculiar in a good way with so much going for himself and I see a great future for him. I also appreciate his father for allowing me to get to know him and spend time with him. We learnt from one another. Overall, the lesson in this is that in every situation we find ourselves, there is always a lesson even from the most unlikely source. It is when we can recognize this and that we can truly grow.

This year 2016 had been about unlocking new levels and the only thing I haven't been able to unlock is finding that special someone. In total, in 2016 like any other year, there will always be struggles, pain, ridicule, hates, smiles, joy, growth and love. The most important thing is to consider how else we can grow. When a person understands what, it takes to go through what he has gone through, he will continue grow. I have learnt to be obedient as it is never a natural gift. It is because of growth. When you go through anything, you learn then you grow. If you are unable to learn from your experience, you can't possibly learn from any other source because not only is experience is the best teacher, it is also the last teacher.

In 2017, my focus will be moving towards excellence in all aspect. I pray for growth and urge everyone to no matter their circumstance show more gratitude and be more challenging and as a friend will say 'Be brave'. Your bravery is important in your process of disallowing hindrance. Don't allow yourself or other person to stop your growth. Take that bold step because you will always regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did. In this world, we have different journeys, our ability to keep growing determines our survival. So, keep growing.

Thanks for reading through my 2016 year in review. I sincerely hope that it has imparted our life’s positively. See you in 2017. #tanishasjournal

P.S. My crown is still on.....that will remain the same.

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